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Xingtai BAIXIN Seals Co., Ltd., is a collection of car oil seal, motorcycle oil seals, mechanical seals such as product development,
manufacturing was one of the specialized companies. It was founded in 1990, from the original small workshop in a village along
the way, have been expanding, has experienced two reborn, only today's development, business booming. The company is located
in Xingtai County, north square rate industrial park, covering 40000m2, building area of ??20000m2, just 15 km from Xingtai East
high-speed road and high-speed rail passenger station, the East Portal Xingtai, a five-star city development strategy, and
convenient transportation location.
Company to "science and technology enterprise" development strategy, the research and innovation as a core business issue for
sustainable development, focusing on investment in research equipment, the introduction of foreign talent, help enterprises
accelerate development. R & D department has more than 20 employees, 60 percent have a college degree or above, four of whom
have senior technical titles. Design three-dimensional design software, make changes in the mold, the product is easy to grasp. The
main research and development facilities with or without rotor rheometer Mooney viscometer, tensile testing machine, the image size
projector, aging me, Seal rotating and reciprocating test rig performance test-bed for product development, quality assurance, provide
a strong guarantee .
Quality is the foothold of this enterprise. Enterprises using the method of process control of raw materials into the plant to product
delivery entire process quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement. The company in 2008 passed the ISO9000 quality
management system certification, in 2013 passed the TS16949 automotive technology system certification, the company will own the
pursuit of perfect quality, permeate all the details of product realization: the use of advanced mixing equipment, professional heated
storage, precision-molding equipment to ensure the stability of the compound; the use of advanced automated phosphate production
line, automatic gluing machines, drying lines, to ensure bonding effect skeleton; use precision CNC lathes, PDM software, Strict mold
validation, management processes to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the mold; the use of advanced vacuum vulcanizing
equipment, automated control vulcanization process parameters to ensure the quality and stability vulcanization; advanced vacuum
trimmer, ensure that the product lip consistent quality.
The company in 2010 began using ERP information management system, 2014 Technology has introduced the PDM product data
management system to enable enterprises to achieve efficient and scientific management, to ensure continuity of access to customer
service improvement. Products known nationwide, exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Western Europe and other
countries and regions, enterprises bigger and stronger in the market, and actively carry out ancillary services, currently has several
well-known domestic enterprises have established good cooperative relations.
Letter to the first hundred lines, a hundred letters always adhere to the "credibility of the first, the customer first" principle, the
implementation of the "science and technology enterprises" strategy, based on quality, full participation, continuous improvement process
control capability, at a reasonable price, high